Mormonism: Why We Need Temples

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My father recently gave me a family possession as a gift.  It was an old sepia colored photo of my great grandmother.  Dressed in a fur wrap and short dark cap cocked to one side, her face is illuminated in a bright, sincere grin – something rare for a photo from that era.

Although the photo has been on my Grandma’s wall since I can remember, no one really knew exactly who the person in the photo was.  After piecing some things together I figured out who the person was and it gave the gift a whole knew meaning.

Finding My Family

Come to the temple now. It will greatly bless your life and provide essential ordinances for those beyond the veil that they cannot obtain themeselves - Richard G. ScottFamily history on my father’s side is very spotty and in the last couple of years I have been working on filling up some of those holes and putting together a more clear picture.  There isn’t a lot of documentation for various reasons and my grandmother’s memory isn’t the best so my work hasn’t always been easy.  But it has been very rewarding.

One benefit of not having any family history information on my Dad’s side is a benefit all in itself.  The fact that it doesn’t exist means that I am the original discoverer – the first person to open my own family’s “King Tut’s Tomb” so to speak.  It’s so exciting to me to be able to solve these family mysteries of “who, when, where and why” little by little and report back to my immediate family. Read more

Mormons Announce Groundbreaking Service for Farmington Connecticut Temple

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Ground will be broken for the first temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often inadvertently called the “Mormon Church”) in Connecticut, USA, in August 2013.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Connecticut Mormon Temple Announced

The West Hartford Patch reported:

The temple will be an ever present reminder that God intended the family to be eternal. by Ezra Taft BensonThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will break ground on the first Mormon temple in the state of Connecticut on Route 4 in Farmington next month.

The Church announced in a press release Monday that the groundbreaking service is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 17 at the 1024 Farmington Ave. site.President Thomas S. Monson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first announced the temple plans on Oct. 2, 2010, according to the release. The groundbreaking ceremony will be a religious service that includes “congregational singing, speakers from Church leadership, and a dedicatory prayer,” the release stated. At the conclusion of the service, “Church and community leaders will ‘turn the ground,’” the statement said. Read more

A Mormon Pageant at the Preston England Mormon Temple

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About 300 Miles north of New York City, and Southeast of Rochester, New York, begins a lively pageant atop Hill Cumorah each summer.  The play is a live performance put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often inadvertently called the “Mormon Church”).   The play is a presentation of events that occurred in the Bible and The Book of Mormon.

Hill Cumorah Mormon Pageant

Mormon outlines the folling information about the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant:

England 1837 - The Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints Christ has arrivedTrumpets will ring out in July, introducing the first of seven performances of the largest outdoor pageant in America — the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant, sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Featuring a cast of over 700 volunteers, the pageant portrays events from the Bible and the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The 90-minute performance is staged a few miles from Palmyra, New York, on the Hill Cumorah, southeast of Rochester. The production features a 10-level stage, 50-foot light towers, brilliant costumes and stunning special effects performed to an audience in the thousands. Music recorded by the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir brings the night air to life. Read more

Are All Mormon Temples Alike?

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The Mormon Temple and Angel MoroniOne thing I love about temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the varying beautiful architecture of each temple.   They always seem to reflect aspects of the local culture and history.  One of my favorite temples, the Mesa, Arizona temple, is designed after Solomon’s Temple from the Old Testament.  Recently I visited this temple at night.  The temple is impressive and beautiful.  It truly invokes the “Old Testament” ancient feeling.  It makes me feel as if the truths taught inside are so precious and important.  Like all temples, the Mesa temple grounds are beautifully manicured and included palm trees and a gorgeous reflecting pool.

Temples Are Built To High Standards

All the work, ceremonies, and practices that occur in temples of The Church of Jesus Christ around the world are all the same.  The gospel is true and uniform no matter where you go in the world, but the design of temples varies. Read more

Preparing for a Mormon Wedding

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What do you, personally, believe is your greatest purpose?   What do you believe is the most important thing you could achieve in this life?  Once you have defined that one, specific goal, wouldn’t you do all you could to prepare for it throughout your life?

A husband and wife just married and outside of a Mormon temple.In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (often inadvertently called the Mormon Church), it’s no mistake that we begin teaching about the family early on.  The Family and marriage between man and wife are the basic foundational principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are the abiding goal of almost every church member.

Forever Families Are Important to Latter-day Saints

Elder Eric B. Shumway said in October 2008,

Ponder this statement. This single truth—that the cosmic purpose of this earth and the universe has as its central feature marriage and the family, with husband and wife at the core—should inspire our souls and our imaginations. Marriage and family are not human inventions or social constructs evolving from human necessity. They are part of a heavenly order that leads to eternal life and eternal happiness. Read more

Ogden Mormon Temple Receives Angel Moroni Statue

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Angel Moroni Atop Mormon Temples

Perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols for temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often mistakenly called the Mormon Church), is of the Angel Moroni.   The prophet from The Book of Mormon (a companion scripture to the Bible that testifies of Christ), is memorialized in statue form with applied gold leaf atop most Latter-day Saint (LDS or Mormon) temples.

Who Does the Statue Represent?

Angel Moroni Statue Mormon TempleThe statue of Moroni is not a figure of worship, but rather one of respect for his role in the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Moroni was a real person, an ancient prophet in the Book of Mormon who revealed the location of golden plates to the young Joseph Smith in 1823 from which the sacred book of scripture was translated.

With the horn pressed to his lips and his right hand holding the outstretched horn, the statue of Moroni symbolizes the restoration and the preaching of it to the world.

Latter-day Saints believe Joseph Smith restored the original church established anciently by the Lord Jesus Christ. Read more

Payson, Utah Mormon Temple Under Construction

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President and Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Thomas S. Monson, announced on 25 January 2010 that a new Temple was to be constructed in Payson, Utah. The 96,630 square foot edifice which will rest on 10.63 acres, will be located at the corner of 930 West and 1550 South in Payson, Utah.  The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 8 October 2011, and Church leader, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, presided over the ceremonial occasion and dedicated the site. In the course of his remarks, he noted, “Standing adjacent to I-15, the major north-south artery in Utah, the Payson Utah Temple will be a dominant and visible influence on the millions who pass by here by day and by night.” (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints News Release, “Groundbreaking Held for Payson Utah Temple,” 8 Oct. 2011.)

The Payson Utah Temple will be the fifteenth temple built in Utah and the third temple built in Utah County. According to the LDS Church site, “As of late February 2013, precast concrete panels are arriving at the site of the Payson Utah Temple for attachment to the exterior of the building.  Work is well underway on the interior of the building including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, framing, and drywall.” Below are a few pictures of the ongoing construction work. The pictures were obtained from Payson Temple Construction – April by Mark Johnston.

Payson, Utah Mormon Temple





Read more

Rome Mayor Tours Mormon Temple Construction Site

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The Mayor of Rome, Italy, got a rare personalized tour of the construction site of the Rome Italy Mormon Temple.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (often mistakenly called the Mormon Church), builds temples all around the world, and on October 4th, 2008, President Thomas S. Monson surprised the Church by announcing plans to build a new temple in Rome.

Plans to Build a Temple in Rome

Mayor of Rome Tours Mormon Temple SiteThomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, broke ground 23 October 2010.

This will be the first Mormon temple in Italy. The Religious and Cultural Center of the Church, the first of its kind in Italy, will include a temple, multi-functional meetinghouse (including a cultural hall and facilities for conferencing), visitors’ center, family history center and patron housing, all surrounded by lovely gardens. Read more

High and Lifted Up – The Mormon Provo City Center Temple

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Imagine that you are walking through the center of your town when your eyes suddenly behold something that seems not only amazing, but also almost completely unimaginable. That is perhaps precisely the impression that residents of Provo, Utah have had as they have watched the ongoing construction of the new Provo City Center Temple during these past few months.

A Community Landmark Gutted and Refined by Fire

Mormon Provo City Center Temple on Stilts

In December 2010, the historic Provo Tabernacle in Provo, Utah was gutted by what was described as a four-alarm fire. It was reported that the fire had supposedly started in the second floor of the building. Although there was rapid response from firefighting officials, the intensity of the fire prevented them from being able to battle the flames from inside the building.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement regarding the fire:

The fire at the Provo Tabernacle is tragic. The building not only serves our members and the community, but is a reminder of the pioneering spirit that built Utah. The damage appears severe, and until we make a structural assessment we won’t know whether this historic treasure will be able to be saved. [2] Read more

3D Rendering of Provo City Center Temple

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A 3D rendering of the Provo City Center Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often mistakenly called the Mormon Church) has been released in March 2013.  The rendering was created by Brian Olson. The building was formerly the Provo Tabernacle, an historic landmark.  After a serious, but accidental, fire, the Church of Jesus Christ decided to rebuild  (retaining the historic exterior) and convert the tabernacle into a temple.  The current temple in the area, the Provo Temple, which in on the east bench of north Provo near the Missionary Training Center, is often filled to capacity.

Provo City Library MormonLand near the tabernacle had to be procured in order to accommodate the grounds and gardens, and parking for the temple.  It will grace the downtown area of Provo and surely cause the whole area to be revitalized as no other sort of initiative could possibly do.  City offices and the large NuSkin office are nearby, as are many small shops. Read more

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